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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 14, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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that sounds like most relationship i-have been in. back tonight at 7:00 eastern, and the dow was down early and came back to be almost flat. that will make neil cavuto happy. see you in a few hours. have a great day. neil cavuto forget roses. president obama delivering a $3.7 billion budget to congress on valentine's day and now the thorns. welcome, everyone, i am here for neil cavuto in "your world." $3.7 trillion in spending for next year, a record $1.65 trillion deficit for this year. president obama saying the budget is a downpayment on getting things under control. republicans saying, this plan is out-of-control. too much spending. too much taxing. not enough cutting. my next guest says the american
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people have had enough. and david walker from come back america initiative is the former u.s. comp creole -- comptroller general. are you sure if americans had their budget cut by $1 trillion would they like it? >> no but they have not been prepared by their leadership with the fact that if we don't make tough choices in installments, our future is not going to be as good as our past. >> to you think president obama is making a political calculation, i can't go after social security and medicare because the voters will not stand it and i will wait for the republicans to go first. >>guest: he is the chief executive officer of the u.s. government and is the political quaterback and chief and he needs to lead rather than punt and he appointed this commission, they did good work, and he has done nothing with their work. an incredible disappointment. >> why has he done nothing? if the american public feel so strongly about the massive
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democrats why do nothing? >> we have too many politicians of both political parties more concerned about keeping their job than doing their job. >> how do you get your arms away $1.65 trillion? i started work this morning that was the fund i was confronted with i cannot get my warms around it. too big. >>guest: it is too big but the shocking thing is, that is not the real risk. the real risk is the deficits that we will have after the economy is fully recover, after unemployment is down, after the wars are over, after the tax cuts have passed, that is the real risk, the ice below the water that could sink the ship of state. >> take me through that, what happens? >> if we have a debt crisis and we both know that bond vigilante dozen not have a duty of loyalties to country. >> what is a debt crisis? >> we have an auction that is not successful and we cannot sell our debt or we have to pay higher interest rates which has an adverse effect on the economy and adverse effect on the budget
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which will have an adverse effect on employment. and the dollar ends up declining significantly and what we are talking about is america's future position in the world and our future standard of living. >> i want to understand this, we have to borrow in america, $100 billion a week to roll offer the old debt and borrow fresh money. $100 million a week. you are saying in one of those borrowing operations we go out and ask the world, lend us money and they don't lend us as much as we want that is the bond crisis. >>guest: that is what they can happen or they demand higher interest rate. the third largest holder of u.s. is the federal reserve, related party transaction, that is self dealing so we have to keep in mind while the fed is doing things right now to prevent a failed auction and to hold interest rates down we have to be able to deal with market forces and that means putting our finances in order, in installments, over time. okay, is one of three things the
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outcome. we have a debt crisis, lenders will not lend; number two the federal reserve prints the money we need and you have inflation; or, number three, we make the draconian cuts that you are calling for. >>guest: what will happen, we will have a debt crisis because we don't do anything or we can avoid a debt crisis because we, not take immediate steps. but we bring back tough statutory budget controls parted of the debt cereal limit that will kick in 2013 focuses congress and the senate to make tough choices or things will happen automatically. >> will we do it? >>guest: i sure hope so. >> is it probable? or unlikely that we do what we have to do. >>guest: right now possible but not probably and i will do everything i can to make it probable. >> thank you, david. appreciate it. >> president obama's new budget includes more than half a trillion over six years for transportation products
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including high-speed rail, got it; 148 billion for research and development and also $100 million more to expand the smithsonian museum. the president saying it is essential for investment in our future. my next guest agrees. congressman kucinich, a democrat from ohio. go to see you, sir. all this money, half a trillion we are talking about here over a five or six-year period for infrastructure, hundreds much billions more on research and education, i put it to you, we have to borrow that money and we have a deficit of $1.56 trillion. we cannot afford it. >>guest: part of the eke indication to keep in mind you are building infrastructure you are creating jobs which then has a way of people paying money interest the treasury through their taxes and that, then, will reduce the deficit. this is a good approach but we have over $3 trillion in
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infrastructure needs. >> but we have to borrow it to spend the money that creates the jobs and gets money coming in you have to borrow it before you can spend it, right? >>guest: the government has to invest money to create jobs but we have the wrong part of the equation we are talking only cutting not that there is a drag on the economy. we should be investing but with this promise, that is a good place to invest so we can create jobs and purpose the economy and get it moving. >>shepard: why didn't it work with the surplus program, $800 million or $900 million. >>guest: only a protection was dedicated to building infrastructure otherwise it would have more than a marginal effect on the economy. we should talk about cutting the department of defense and getting rid of tax cuts. the war has cost over $1 trillion. >> if we spent half a trillion
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on infrastructure as you suggest over the next six years, we have to borrow that money, would we employ people at union scale? would union benefits? and with union pensions? >>guest: we would follow davis bacon. >> that means, sir, we have to borrow all of that money and it has to be repaid by, acceptly, people paying taxes on income lower. >>guest: you say we are borrowing money for everything, but we are not, we gave wall street a ton, and working people paid for that, and people feed to have decent wages. no one is complaining about the tremendous profits that wall street is taking, the salaries that people get, how they are backed by taxpayers' money. we need good-paying jobs in america and when the private sector is not creating them the public sector has a moral responsibility to do that and this is an area i can support. other areas i do not support. i do not support the increased
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responding for war. i don't support the increased growth in the overall defense budget. and i don't support cuts for social programs. we have to find a way to get our company, our cup, rather, back on track and we have to take a totally different approach which is about wealth creation, about confidence in the future, it is not this sphere that says that deficits are going to crush us because we need to prime the person of the economy and not start cutting the very much things we need in order to keep america viable. >>'s we close i have to ask you about the olive pit which you clamped down on a couple of years ago. and you sued the congressional cap tear i can't for $150,000 because of the olive pit. that was growthed with a little ridicule in some quart others. do you think that going forward you could be, again, a serious candidate for the presidency having sued for $150,000 over an olive pit. >> well, first of all i'm not running for president.
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secondly, any serious journalist would know that the matter has been settled friendly and i had substantial dental bills that came as a result, and this is a dentsal injury. i didn't want to take it as far as it went but it is settled and so the system in that regard works. one thing for sure, i fight for the people but i will not fail to fight for myself if i am in a situation where people are not being fair. >> thank you for joining us, democrat from ohio. my next guest says this proves the president did not learn the lesson from november and this is a democrat pollster. welcome, pat. could you say that you do not win an election in the future by curting entitlements and that is why president obama has steered clear of cutting entitlements. >>guest: look, the president, since november, has been in a re-election mode. the budget is re-election management. it is a reason that we wrote about the fact we thought the
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president should not run and, in fact, someone should deal with the crisis. the problem now is, everyone is positioning for politics and we have a deficit that is bankrupting the country, and we have a, i listen to kucinich and i happen to be in favor of, i think there are important investment programs, we just squandered a ton of money on stimulus that was supposed to work, and it didn't, and on now we will have "more investment money," handing money off. the domes in the business of giving money to special interests and the republicans are in the business of crony capitalism. >> do you think you could get elected in 2012 if you are the president or you are the politician would just cut social security or cut back on medicare? >>guest: the only way we will deal with those programs is if everyone is on the table dealing with them. the republicans would be suicidal to take this on as they
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have learned in the past by them selfs. >> wouldn't the democrats be suicidal? >>guest: no, the question is, the president has to lead. we have one president in the country. and the question is, somebody has to get people to the table. we had the president who appointed a deficit reduction commission. no one made him. the report comes out a week later and we jacked up the deficit another $1 trillion. and everyone endured it and not paying attention. the argument is what they don't understand. the american people know more about this. the polls are saying, turn to the future, we are losing the future. losing the future is what is ahead. >> we have a serious of tax hikes for the 2012 budget, oil producers, gas producers, coal producers, and investment managers, and that deficit reduction commission suggested that we raise the retirement age
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from 65 to 68 by the year 2050, 40 years away, a three-year hike in the retirement age 40 years down the screwed that was growthed by crews that "you are gutting social security, you are killing social security." that was demagogged to death. >>guest: everything in politics is democrat golfed on both -- demagogged on both sides. this is why we should set politics aside. someone has to lead. it has to be the president. we have a crisis like the war, in 1940 in preparation for the war in 1941 roosevelt brought in a republican secretary of war, a republican secretary of the navy, and we ended up doing a bipartisan preparation for war but the country want ready for it. >> isn't it that bad?
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>> economically, don't you think so? >> i don't know. you think it is war. >>guest: it is $14 trillion and that is just what we have on the books. what we don't have on the books is the rest of the money obligated, the states and pensions and more, and what we have is a political class that is in the business of paying off supporters. and both sides, and the country is going, where's the leadership? here is the problem. if the leaders believe the people as much as the people believe in the country, then they might be willing to do something. >> thank you, patrick, for saying it how it s unrest spreading across the middle east today as anti-government protests erupt. why we could all be paying up. and forget groceries, now a sticker shock is headed for garments.
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>> in london, oil prices are soaring as middle east turmoil spreads surging to above $104 a barrel. soviet up people taking to the streets in iran, and yemen, and algeria to fight for freedom with protests spreading there, what are the words for us, here? and fox news middle east expert is with us author of "the coming revolution." welcome. lots of us here look at what is going on there and we are thrilled. this, young people want their freedom. but a lot of us are worried about what comes next. is there one society in the middle east where the protesters are now going on which you think could follow iran? >> we have to look at the big map, a popular movement across the region happening in western governments and anti-american
4:18 pm
governments, and including tunisia, egypt and jordan you have competition between two forces so we are happy civil societies, secular, and youth, ands muslim brotherhood and jihadist on the other hand. and it is a tight race. >> and we so a report today that one was killed in iran, on the streets of tehran. i suspect that the price of oil has gone way up not because of the demonstrations around the middle east but because of the fear of what could come next. >> two things, in egypt, the muslim brotherhood mades an inroad and cancel an agreement that will control the passage of the suez canal, that is catastrophic for the west and the economy. but in iran, you have the possibility of an absolute massacre or suppression of the demonstrators and of the ethnic minorities. >> bahrain, ruled by a minority group of sunni muslims the
4:19 pm
majority population is shiite. >> bahrain has had this before, but only the key to the confrontation between saudi arabia and iran because the two sunnies are reports and the shiite in bahrain are linked to the iranian backing and support. all if you picked would would tip in the direction of iran, who would it be? >> bahrain. >> we all want democracy in egypt, especially. do you think it is possible in a muslim society for democracy to emerge which we would recognize in the west as a democracy if a muslim society? >> it is not about democracy but about democratic forces. if the democratic forces will grow they would bring democracy but we cannot organize legislations and the next difficult have democracy. >> but is it possible in the majority of muslim society to
4:20 pm
have what we recognize as a democracy. >> turkey is a muslim society. it has democracy, and muslims in india have one but the majority of pro democracy. that is the issue. >> muslims of north africa is what we are talking about, can they produce a democracy we recognize if they are muslims. >>guest: north africa looks like europe end of 19th century, a fight between the jihadist and the muslim brotherhood, and on the other hand, some interesting segment of pro democracy people. >> thank you, author of "the coming revolution." >> if hosni mubarak is hoarding billions why is the u.s. joining world court to get the billions back? before you shop, get ready for massive sticker shock, now, not just on the food you are eating but what you are wearing. stay tuned.
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>> cotton prices doubling the past year and now get ready to pay. fox business network's report on major price spikes ahead. >> consider this, inflation warning that the cost of getting up to get dressed each day is going did cost you more money. you are going to experience sticker shock the next time you go to the shopping mall. this is property up by news from an industry association saying that clothing prices will rise by 10 percent this year. the reason? cotton prices are 150 year high and a rising labor costs are putting pressure on retailers and clothing stores alike. names like nike and wal-mart and j. crew, a few names who is said they will have "selective" price
4:25 pm
increases and we will see price increases all across the board there are some particular items that may get especially hard hit this year. cotton incorporated the industry group says that items like jeans will be the hardest hit with 40 percent increase and stocks up 2.7 percent this year, and sweatshirts, and t-shirts, you get the idea. and i picked out an example that you would relates to, wrinkle free men's dress at brooks brothers, the original price was $79.50 and the new selling price $88 for a sense of what sort of inflation we are seeing on the clothing level. now, unfortunately, clothing prices are not the only thing that are going up. produce prices, food prices continue to creep up. you can see produce items double if not triple in the coming weeks. the reason? a freeze that hit the southwest united states and parts of mexico either freezing or wiping
4:26 pm
out produce items and entire crops of items like pepper and cucumbers amounting to higher prices at cash register at the store and the local mall. >> i am a car hot kind of guy but that is another story. thank you. ahead of the vote on whether to defund the health care law, republicans hoping this will influence anyone thinking of keeping funds in place. >> in your estimation, the health care law would reduce employment by 800,000 in 2021? >> we estimate that the household employment will 160 million and half of that is 80,000. >> man asking that question was congressman campbell from california. congressman, do i have this right.
4:27 pm
that was the cbo guy, the continue guy, the congressional budget office and he says because of obamacare, 800,000 people will walk away from employment, drop out, because they keep their medical benefits by getting someone else to pay for them, not their employer. do i have that right? >> unfortunately, that's correct. and this little bit was in the c.b.o. report but kind of buried. they were going to lose half a percent. so that is why i asked the question because half a percent is 800,000 jobs. that is a lot of jobs. when he continues why, the main reason, he said, was disincentive to work, people were going to understand that with marginal tax rates going up they would get less money by working and with free health care they would not have to work to get health care so there are disincentives to work. >> i am a european born and raised in britain and used to this kind of thing and it occurs that obamacare makes the
4:28 pm
american medical system, it takes it in a direction toward what they used, what they're used to in europe. free-for-all. but it is not really free, of course. that is the direction we are going. >>guest: i don't think there is any question if the president and a number of the democratic leaders could wave a magic wand we have complete socialized medicine as britain and canada, tomorrow, and these are steps to get there and there is no question part of what obamacare is intended to do is to destroy and make the private market economic so that then the government has to step in to save us all from a calamity of their own making. >> is it intentional? do you think the president is intentionally, as you say, ruin willing, destroying, something? >>guest: i think he intentionally is driving us toward full socialized medicine which is what he would like to
4:29 pm
see, he said that, and that this is a mechanism by which that is going to occur if his view. >> what do you make, to you thing this will have any exact? we got up this morning and saw that new number, $1.65 trillion worth deficit for the year that we are now in. do you think that makes any difference to the obamacare, the health care argument? >> i hope so. most of that deficit and the long-term deficit is being driven by health care costs, medicare and medicaid and now obamacare. when we could not pay for medicare and medicaid, which we can't under the country system, adding more medical care that is paid for by the government ridiculous, like say youing have a house, you cannot make the house payment sow will buy a car. you would not do that. it doesn't make any sense and this doesn't, either. >> republican congressman campbell from california, we appreciate you joining us. >> the president's budget
4:30 pm
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>> to egypt and the hunt for hosni mubarak's stash, and the ousted president is holed up in auto luxury resort town, international pressure to freeze the assets is growing and nations back in court for a
4:34 pm
freeze. so far, the united states has not. why not? that is what a columnist want dozen know. that is what we all want to know, have you any ideas why have we not joined the call for a freeze on the assets? >> well, i imagine it is tricky. we have a complicated relationship with egypt, and perhaps if we will find that some of the layers of the onion are rotten here. we have been sending egypt billions a year to be friends with israel and to be allies with ourselves and who knows how that pun has ended up? but, really, we need to jump in the fight and you look at history here and you could be bill gates or provide something for civilization, you could be warren buffet or a middle east despot with the same amount of wealth. >> to be fair it is easier said than done, you are not going to start up an account at a bank in new york city under h mubarak
4:35 pm
with an address in cairo you will hide it so maybe that has something to do with it. do you think? >>guest: i think all of this nonsense about i'm not going to resign, i think he was buying time to figure out where he was going do move the assets. i don't think we will ever find it but it is symbolic when countries stand up and say, you know what? these are ill gotten games and need to be frozen and we need an investigation. this is a country where people, many petroleum, live on $2 a day and suddenly this guy is worth, i don't know the estimates, 40 billion or $70 billion? the fact that he has $1 billion is criminal. >> in the budget released for 2012ing today, by president obama, there was no mention of any cut in the $47 president worth of foreign aid which we give every year, that is not going to be cut. would you cut it? >>guest: you know what, look at what we need to cut, here, and then look what we need to
4:36 pm
cut everywhere else. why giving all this foreign aid to an unknown management of a country at a time when we have the --. >> the argument is you give the money and you influence that foreign government. you buy it, basically. were is that a valid argument? >> we have influenced mubarak and he has been our puppet for 30 years and there should be conditions on this money. we do not know who we are giving it to. are we giving it to the egyptian military? which part? who is getting the money and where does it go? and at the end of the day, the next egyptian despot will walk away with $70 billion? >> i got news crossing the wires right now, senior obama administration aides are examining weighing to freeze hosni mubarak's assets if they are in the united states of america. maybe they were listening to
4:37 pm
you. it raises the question, what is the point of a swiss bank account if you can get your assets frozen in switzerland. >> he probably is putting it in bizarre places than switzerland and we will never get to the bottom of it but the obama administration at least needs to stay we should investigate this although it is probably in sure mountable. >> thank you for joining us. >> the deficit exploding and the president says he is cutting. but simpson is asking, why isn't he listening to what we have been saying? the former debt commission co-chair is here. i can't get rid of these weeds, or these nasal allergies.
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>> the bipartisan commission concluded the only way to tackle our deficit is to cut excessive spending wherever we find it. >> he is talking about cutting but here is what he is not towning: social security and medicare. spending on those programs is
4:41 pm
soaring. my next guest says that is what we have to start dealing with. and former debt commission co-chair former senator from wyoming joins us on the phone. why is he ignoring all recommendations of your deficit-cutting commission? >> well, i don't think that is quite true. no one is saying like they used to stay don't cut anything. they are talking about how much you cut. that is progress. if some small way. but it is: not disappointing to me, i am 79. but it is disappointing to someone who is 20, 30, or 40, it is $14.3 trillion. they are arguing about whether they cut $100 billion or $120 billion or $68 billion ... it is madness. but the president being a very a droit political figure, as it is closer and closer to the
4:42 pm
raising of the debt limit and extending the debt limit, people say, i ain't going do vote for that until we get spending and see what kind of spending cuts they do. >> you think that is a deadline which both republics and the administration have to meet, the deficit, the debt ceiling, you think that presses us into a deadline we have to be cutting at that point. >> that is a juggernaut and it will not just be republicans voting against the extension but it will be democrats like senate budget chairman conrad. this is it. the fun and games are over. and when it comes it will come incrementally. we don't know what will happen but there will be a tipping point when the creditors, have of them from overseas and foreign countries and the other half say, wait, you did not have the guts to do the big stuff and now we want some money.
4:43 pm
guess who gets sure the most on that? the little guy that everyone is always talking about. >> is it possible that we have left it too late? we all woke up this morning with the big new deficit number $1.65 trillion. is it too late? >> i don't know, we will find out. there is a tipping point. we ask that of ourselves for the ten months that members of our group met, there were 18 of us and we came up with 60 percent of us voting for the package, five democrats, five republicans, one independent, and we all know the deficit denial is dead. if it isn't dead, dig a trench. >> do you think there is a chance, can you put odds on it that we will have a debt crisis where foreigners and americans refuse to lend anymore money to the u.s. government. are we close to that? >> i don't know. if they continue to mess around, and that is what this is, messing around and if they don't
4:44 pm
do significant things at the time of the debt limit extension in a year the guys that hold our paper are going to say, you failed, you could not do it under that kind of pressure, you are not doing it enjoy, and we want some money for our paper and we are here and they will say "pay it," and the interest rates are going up, the bond markets will streak and there is one group in the world that panics when they talk about money and that is the people with the money. senator simpson from wyoming, always a pleasure, we thank you for joining us. >> a delight. thank you. on the chopping block in president obama's budget are cuts to the mortgage interest tax deduction. what many homeowners fear will be a tax height. and some want to eliminate the deduction altogether the author of "triumph of the city our greatest invest makes us richer, smarter, greener and happier," in favor of the city, and we
4:45 pm
welcome you. now, you want to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction or severely cut it as a way of forcing people to rent in the city. do you really want to do that? >>guest: forcing people? >> pushing them into it. >> i want the government out of the business of engineering am way to live. if america was as productive as the u.s. the g.d.p. would go up by 43 percent. why do we have politics in here? >> we got the message about the city being the greatest on the earth, but, look, the chance to get out their and buy your own home, there are thousands of 20 and 30-year-olds who will rely on that mortgage interest deduction as a way to get into home ownership, the american dream, and are you are going do tread on that? >>guest: did we miss what happens to housing prices between 2000 and 2010 when millions were left broke?
4:46 pm
why is the government bribing people to leverage to the hilt to bet on the housing market? how can that possibly make sense. >> for generations it has put more, tens of millions of people interest the american middle-class, and i am one of them, to live the american dream. blah kind of an american are you? >> the american dream doesn't have to mean a suburban house, it can meet an apartment. cities built this country and there were patriots in boston whose connection created america in the 1770's and the cities of the 19th senatorrary -- century --. >> you are a harvard professor of economics? >> i am, i am, i am and i am proud. >> you want our viewers to represents an apartment in cities? >>guest: i am not trying to tell anyone but trying to get the business out of the business of engineering a particular
4:47 pm
lifestyle. i am if favor of freedom. >> you think that will push people into the cities? >> i want them free to choose and not have policies push them out and not have infrastructure spending that pushes people out to suburbs with too much highway spending. >> wait, wait, wait. you are a professor of economics at harvard and you don't like government intervention? infrastructure spending? >> i like education. investing in human capital. but i also like education for kids, as well. but, of course, infrastructure is a dangerous game for cities. every new highway in our cities in the postwar period reduced the populations of the city by 18 percent. why are we trying to handy cap our cities if this way? let them do what they do best, competition, and innovation. >> the freedom to live where they choose. they want breathing room. >> let them pay for it. let the infrastructure be paid for by user fees.
4:48 pm
>> if you want to keep them up? >> i want to unleash the developers and have them build larger apartments and get rid of unnecessary regulations that make it difficult to build new homes that can provide great living space and unleash the power of competition in schools that brings more choices for those who live in cities and turn the cities to do what they do best. enable private actors to compete and innovate. >> are all tenured professor? >> for a long time. yes. >> job for life? >> indeed. >> without get rid of that? >> i would. i would, i would. >> you are a good man, thank you, professor. >> thank you for having me. >> late to school? excessive absence? telling the class to "go to hell," shocking new details of the washington, dc teachers get their jobs and pay back.
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>> missed class. told students to "go do hell." came unprepared. new details about teachers, washington, dc schools fired. the same teacher would have now been rehired after an arbitrator rules they were "unfairly fired." got it? from the washington examiner following the story, our reporter, i have to make sure i have this right. those teachers, the an traitor, has given the washington, dc, school system, 60 days to find those teachers there are 75 of them who he says were wrongfully fired and employ them again and distribute $7.5 million to them. have i got this right? >> it is unusual hunt as far as this goes. but the ruling was based on how the teachers were fired not why
4:53 pm
the arbitrator found that because the teachers were not told why they were let go and not given a chance to say, wait, i didn't do that to my students or i did not miss this class, they had the right to be reinstated. however, there were some interesting things in the principal's recommendations for why they should be fired and although it was not the basis of the decision, given they are being reinstated we thought you would want to know why they were let go. >> at least one of the teachers told students "go to hell." we have that one. and we understand that some of the teachers were simply were absent for weeks at a time. is that accurate? give me examples why they were fired in the first place. >> sure. according to recommendations from their principals, they had been awol, one called in sick on mondays and fridays, which read into that as you will, and there
4:54 pm
were playing gospel music, dvd's during class time, all sores of things that do not around you honor roll spots. >> but because of the way if which they were let go, so to speak, they must be rehired. is it 75 teachers? >> 75 teachers. >> and the way they were fired so they must be rehired. >> first and second year teachers that do not have tenure and were told they did not need to be told why they were fired and they had no type of recourse. they did not have a chance to verify what was said bit principals or say, no, i didn't do that, and i don't like to think a princepathology would lie but i don't like to think a teacher would tell a student to "go to relative." all this goes back to michelle rhee, she instituted rigorous reforms in the failing schools and was pushed out when a new
4:55 pm
mayor took over and she is gone but, now, is this according to union rules that in comes the arbitrator and rehires the people? union rules have done this, correct? >> well the arbitrator was mutually chosen by the washington, dc public schools and by the union. >> is it true to say that washington, dc public schools have gone back to the old ways now that michelle rhee is gone? >> i am not sure that is fair to say. there is a lot to see in times ahead. we have seen some reversals of some reform on the lower level, principals taken out of schools she brought if but time will tell as far as how much of a legacy she will leave. >> is there outrage? you have your story in the "washington examiner," any outrage being expressed by anyone about the rehiring of the teachers?
4:56 pm
>> sure. this was a polarizing issue and our inboxes are very full and twitter is atwitter. but there is a lot of people who cannot believe they are being brought back in and think the firings were justified. these are washington, dc schools, some of the worst performers in the nation, is that correct? >> yes, to be gentle. >> gnaw is being gentle. really? >> it is true. >> how much are we spending of taxpayers a pupil in the washington, dc system? >> not off the top of my head but i'm sure it is beyond the national average. thank you, lisa, from the "washington examiner," exposing who is being reinstated and at what price and why. good stuff, lisa, and we appreciate you being with us. that regrettably will have to do it here. but i will see you tomorrow morning on the fox business network. we kickoff at 9:20 eastern with
4:57 pm
republican congressman brady from texas joining me and he says the president moves new budget could drop the hammer on the booming oil drilling business. and america's oil drilling business is booming. if you don't get it, f business threat work, demand it.
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